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The Tiger Honey(350 gm)

The Tiger Honey(350 gm)

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This sweet surprise is a result of the game of wits between The Royal Bengal Tiger and Mowalis (Honey Hunters) from the Sundarbans, the world's biggest Mangrove Forest. Yes, the tiger loves honey too!!!!

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Indulge in nature's sweetest treasure sourced from a truly extraordinary place like Ind-Pak border

Carefully Preserved

We take utmost care in preserving the quality and purity of our honey. From collection to packaging, every step is meticulously carried out to maintain its pure, unadulterated taste and beneficial properties.

Traditional Method

Instead of using modern techniques that may disrupt the delicate ecosystem, our collectors use non-invasive methods that respect the natural rhythm of the bees and their surroundings.

Supporting Locals

By sourcing honey from the Sundarban forest, we actively support the livelihoods of the local communities, providing them with fair compensation for their hard work. When you choose Wild Wild Honey, you contribute to the well-being & prosperity of these local communities.

from the honey goes directly to the honey collectors

Premium Packaging

Experience the luxury of nature’s finest creation. Inside each exquisite bottle of Wil WIld Honey, you’ll find an epic narrative of exploration, exclusivity, and inherent worth.