Introducing “The Tribal,” a true nature’s gem in our wild honey collection! Straight from the depths of the untouched Bastar jungles, where human footprints are scarce, this wild honey is sourced from the Apis Dorsata species of bees’ untamed beehives.

But there’s more to “The Tribal” than its exotic origin. Ayurvedic practitioners vouch for the unparalleled medicinal potency of honey from these forests. And modern studies reveal that the dark honey from such locales boasts the highest levels of antioxidants. Wild Honey from Bastar encapsulates all these qualities, making it a genuine healing superfood.

The story doesn’t stop there. The guardians of these pristine jungles are none other than the World Wide Fund for Nature and government ministries. They train the native tribals in the art of sustainable harvesting, ensuring that the honeycombs are gently taken from the hives without any harm to the vital bee population. This eco-friendly approach not only preserves the delicate balance of nature but also nurtures the deep-rooted traditions of the indigenous people. Embrace wellness and relish the unique taste of The Tribal Honey. Your journey to a healthier you begins here.

Traditional Method

Our honey is collected using time-honoured techniques passed down through generations. Instead of using modern techniques that may disrupt the delicate ecosystem, our collectors use non-invasive methods that respect the natural rhythm of the bees and their surroundings.

From Hive to Bottle

Carefully Preserved

We take utmost care in preserving the quality and purity of our honey. From collection to packaging, every step is meticulously carried out to maintain its pure, unadulterated taste and beneficial properties.

Wild Wild Honey is passionately committed to supporting the local communities who gather this precious gift from nature.


of our profits are directly allocated to the honey collectors to recognize & reward their hardwork and dedication, contributing to their economic empowerment and overall quality of life. We are proud to support the livelihoods of the honey collectors who brave the wilderness to bring you this exceptional honey.

The Tribal Honey