About Us

Wild, Wild Honey is nature’s sweetest superfood at her wildest and most pure.

Rich in naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, honey has for millennia been known for its abundant health-enhancing properties, but modern processing and mass production methods remove much of these benefits from the honey that you see on supermarket shelves today.

We aren't like other honeys, honey.

Sourced from deep inside pristine mangrove forests, our precious Wild, Wild Honey is gathered by hand in the way that nature intended by tribal honey hunters, who live on the edge of the forest.

Wild, Wild Honey is harvested using traditional methods that respect the environment, leaving no footprint on the fragile ecosystem.Their traditional costumes with ferocious masks are designed to ward off Bengal tigers who also call the forest home. Did you know that tigers love honey, too?

Honey, I'm home.

We support these local communities by giving back 10% of our revenues. This means that instead of being forced to move to highly urbanized areas in search of work, their communities can continue to make a sustainable living from the forest. Our ethical and transparent production process ensures that these communities can continue to support their families, while bringing the world's finest honey home to yours.

In the UAE this wonderful gift of nature is brought you exclusively by Premium & Fine Foodstuff LLC