Introducing “The Tiger”– a golden nectar like no other, harvested from the heart of the wild. Sourced from the mystical Sundarbans, home to the awe-inspiring Royal Bengal Tiger and the fearless Mowalis (Honey Hunters), our honey is a testament to nature’s finest. Nestled within the Sundarbans, a haven of biodiversity, our honey is lovingly collected from Apis Dorsata and Apis Laboriosa, wild gigantic honeybees that thrive here. The hunt begins in March, with Mowalis skillfully collecting honey from eighteen to twenty different flower and tree species, carefully preserving the balance of nature.

In this untamed land, where pirates, bandits and tigers are everyday challenges, these brave Honey Hunters practice age-old rituals to defend themselves & dedicate their lives to this labor of love. Their sustainable honey hunting practices ensure that the bees are allowed to regenerate their hives, embodying a life of coexistence with nature. Our honey isn’t just wild; it’s eco-friendly, sustainable, and exceptionally pure. Join us in this wild adventure and savour the sweetness of “The Tiger.” Taste the wild. Taste the Sundarbans. Taste "The Tiger. 

Traditional Method

Our honey is collected using time-honoured techniques passed down through generations. Instead of using modern techniques that may disrupt the delicate ecosystem, our collectors use non-invasive methods that respect the natural rhythm of the bees and their surroundings.

From Hive to Bottle

Carefully Preserved

We take utmost care in preserving the quality and purity of our honey. From collection to packaging, every step is meticulously carried out to maintain its pure, unadulterated taste and beneficial properties.

Wild Wild Honey is passionately committed to supporting the local communities who gather this precious gift from nature.


of our profits are directly allocated to the honey collectors to recognize & reward their hardwork and dedication, contributing to their economic empowerment and overall quality of life. We are proud to support the livelihoods of the honey collectors who brave the wilderness to bring you this exceptional honey.

The Tiger Honey