Collected from naturally occurring beehives in remote areas


Obtained from beehives placed in forests or farms

Captures the essence of untouched wilderness, reflecting the distinct geographical features and climate of the region


Reflects the localized environment of the forest or farm, but without the untamed charm of the wild

Derived from a wide variety of wildflowers and plants, resulting in a unique and diverse flavour profile

Floral Diversity

Influenced by a narrower range of flowers and plants present in the specific forest or farm

Free from human intervention, ensuring an unadulterated product with no additives or artificial substances


Obtained from beehives placed in forests or farms

Abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes due to the diverse plant sources in the wild

Nutritional Value

Contains a moderate level of beneficial compounds, but may lack the same richness and diversity found in wild honey

Supports the preservation of natural ecosystems, promoting biodiversity and the protection of bees and their habitats


May have a more localized impact on the environment, depending on the forest or farm management practices

Often thick and granulated, offering a delightful crystallized texture

Texture & Consistency

Typically smooth and flowing, similar to most commercially available honey

Embodies the thrill of foraging in uncharted territories, connecting consumers with the wonders of nature and ancient beekeeping traditions

Adventure & Story

Represents a blend of familiar and cultivated flavours, tied to specific regions or farming methods